One and half-day courses are available on the following topics:

Effective communication in the workplace.

This course will provide delegates with a range of techniques for communicating more effectively. Delegates will learn how to make clear requests, say no without feeling guilty and give and receive criticism in an empowering, respectful manner. We will also explore the importance of body language and “behaviour types” when communicating effectively as well as learning about the link between communication styles and ailments.

This is an ideal course for those wishing to change their communication style in order to feel more in control, clearer, open and honest in their interactions with others. You are likely to be delighted with the results!!

Stress Management in the workplace.

More than 11 million days are “lost” per year, due to employee stress. This course will explain the difference between debilitating and facilitive stress, the fight, flight or freeze response as well as the signs and symptoms of stress. It will equip delegates with a range of strategies for managing stress more effectively as well as exploring organisational risk factors for exacerbating employee stress.

A free relaxation recording is available, by email, for each delegate.

Staff Relaxation Groups.

Twenty minutes of deep relaxation can help staff feel calmer, more relaxed and confident. Relaxing as a group can also help build morale and team work as it provides a positive bonding experience for staff. These short but deeply relaxing sessions use a combination of breathing exercises, gentle hypnotherapy techniques and guided visualisations to relax staff.

Previous attendees have commented on lowered stress levels, higher rates of productivity and more harmonious relationships with colleagues.

Courses are charged at £800 a day. Public and third sectors are able to access these courses for £500 a day. Half-day versions of these courses are also available at £400 and £250 respectively. Staff Relaxation Groups are £25 for a twenty minute session.

Courses are also available, on request, on the following topics:

If you or your organisation would like more detailed information on any of these courses, please use the contact form on the Contacts page or phone me on 07954 338 480.