Client Testimonials

"I came to see Nikki in January 2015 to help me with sleeping issues. I had come to rely habitually on 2-3 glasses of wine each night to feel drowsy enough to crash on going to bed. In addition I would tend to go to bed very late when at the point of exhaustion. These issues were long standing and I can remember being put to bed early as a child and still being awake once everyone else was asleep.

After four sessions of hypnotherapy with Nikki and my sleeping habits had changed completely and I now look forward to and enjoy going to bed. I no longer drink alcohol (well the odd one for pleasure at the weekend)…Which has saved me a fortune! I fall asleep easily and quickly and feel rested in the mornings. I couldn't recommend Nikki more highly and the experience has been truly life changing for the better."

Nina Marsh.

"I would like to recommend Nikki for her hypnotherapy skills. She has a very relaxed, calm and reassuring manner which enables her clients to feel completely comfortable and at home in her care. I became a client in January 2015 in order to improve my health and help with weight loss.

By the end of March I had achieved my goals and the effects of her hypnotherapy skills have continued and allowed me to improve many areas of my personal and business life, all this as a direct result of Nikki's hypnotherapy work. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


"I had hypnotherapy with Nikki to stop smoking. I have found her approach extremely helpful and have stopped smoking successfully for more than a month now. Nikki creates a very calm and relaxing environment which makes the hypnosis session a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.

I have felt very supported by her throughout the whole process and am convinced that I will not smoke again. I would highly recommend her."

Debbie Age 50.

"I initially contacted Nikki to help alleviate recurring nightmares; one which was brought on by a traumatic time at work whilst I was a teacher and one which I had suffered from since I was a small child. I was nervous about under going hypnotherapy but as Nikki came so highly recommended by a friend's father, I decided to try it out.

Nikki's manner instantly made me feel at ease. As she works as a teacher she had deep understanding off the experiences of the pressures and challenges of working in education. This was invaluable to me, I often feel very closed off and defensive about my responses to teaching, such as the recurring nightmares but Nikki's empathy and shared knowledge really helped me unlock this negative thought processes.

Our two sessions together were incredibly effective; my childhood nightmare has been totally eradicated, something which I greatly hoped for but could not quite believe has happened in such a short amount of meetings. Months later, this dream which woke me almost every night has totally disappeared.

Alongside this dream, my awful dreams about school have also reduced to almost nothing (one in six months rather than one a night!), speaking to Nikki about my experiences was therapeutic and felt very safe. Her treatment process was incredibly positive and beneficial to my life, I cannot thank her enough for her kindness which went above and beyond her role as I saw it.

Thank you very much."

Laura, 31.

"I had a bad snake phobia for over forty years which started when I was a child and could not be pinpointed to any specific experience. This fear continued and I finally decided to do something about it and I researched hypnotherapy. A friend recommended Nikki Ellen and I had three sessions with Nikki. A few days after my final session I went into a pet shop and asked if I could see the snakes! This was a massive achievement for me and I felt so proud of myself having overcome my deep rooted fear.

I cannot praise Nikki enough for the professional, supportive and caring service she provided and I wish that I had done this years ago."

Jayne J.

"I was struggling with revising for my exams as I was scared of failing. Nikki helped me to look at the exams more objectively and relax so that my fear of failing didn't get in the way of me revising. Also, during my exams I felt more in control and calm, knowing that all I could do was my best."


"I was surprised at just how effective hypnotherapy is. Not only is it a completely relaxing and enjoyable experience, but the voice of Nikki Ellen could not be more perfect for the situation; entirely soothing and reassuring, it really is a delightful experience. Hypnotherapy is definitely something I would do again, but if I'm honest I would only really want Nikki Ellen to do it - I just can't imagine anyone else having such an amazing voice; resulting in the desired effect. A great result and thoroughly enjoyable!"

Alex Wrampling.
Drama Teacher Laundau Forte School, Derby.

"Wow. What a fantastic experience. I was totally in the zone. I lost all sense of worry and urgency and simply relaxed. I found myself aware of what was happening and what you were saying but on a different level thinking how I had lost feeling in all my arms and other limbs. I could feel my head lowering and I did not want to come out of it. Unbelievable.

I felt I was the only person in the room with your voice guiding me. Coming back into the room was surreal but also strange. I wanted you to go slower so I could stay longer. I felt happy afterwards and did get a bit of the giggles when I came back into the office. Someone even asked what I was on!

Well done Nikki, count me in for session 2."

Robert Ellis.
Estates and Operations Manager.

"I was initially skeptical about having hypnotherapy to stop smoking. I wasn't sure if it could really work, especially as I had been smoking for 15 years and had managed to cut down a lot (to about 5-10 a day), but still enjoyed smoking to some extent. Not to mention the numerous times I had tried (and failed) to stop smoking before. I was able to speak to Nikki about this and she was brilliant. She put me at ease and helped me to decide, without pressuring me, that I was ready to become a non-smoker, and this time it would be for good!

I felt that Nikki had really listened to me and she was able to explain everything clearly. As a Mental Health Professional myself, I knew that she was appropriately qualified to offer hypnotherapy which helped me to feel in safe hands and comfortable right the way through. the hypnotherapy itself was really relaxing! l felt great afterwards and I continue to feel great as a non-smoker for life!"

Tamara Smart.
Young Person’s Mental Health Worker.

"Between running my consultancy business, HR Squared and many other commitments, exercise is one of the first things to go out the window when I'm busy. I felt I was contributing to a downward spiral where the less I exercised the less I felt able to do so.

I became conscious that I need to exercise to promote good-health and energy levels so I made an appointment with Nikki to see if she could help me address this. We had two hypnotherapy sessions and during the first, I can pinpoint a specific moment when I felt a tangible change in the way I felt. Nikki's warm yet calm approach put me at ease and I immediately felt I could trust her.

The second session saw me go deeper into hypnosis and helped me to start adhering to my goal of running three times a week. The goal-setting we did between sessions really helped me to ensure I stuck to my aim.

Thank you, Nikki."

Jennifer Marsden.
Human Resource Management. Hr Squared.